A better mobile database
means better apps.

Loved by developers and more than a billion users,
Realm is faster, easier to use, and (best of all) free.


Get set up in minutes, not hours. Even porting a whole app to Realm is faster than just setting up other databases. After that, you'll have a database that works right inside your language, with features like fluent interfaces, field annotations, querying via NSPredicate, the new Objective-C generics, live objects, change events, typed generic collections, error handling, LINQ queries, nullable properties, and more.


Thanks to its zero-copy design, Realm is much faster than an ORM, and often faster than raw SQLite. So chain queries queries queries queries queries as deep as you like. You won’t even have time to notice how fast they are.

Realm is developed in the open. Thousands of developers work with us on our products on GitHub, plus hundreds more write add-ons that work with Realm. Our more than 20,000 stars on GitHub speak for themselves.

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Over 1 billion people rely on Realm

Trusted by Fortune 500 mainstays, Global 2000 leaders, and #1-ranked app store successes, Realm is built into apps used by hundreds of millions of people every day.