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BarkBuddy - Adopt a Dog Near You

BarkBuddy App Screenshots

Our App of the Week this time cranks the d’awwww! factor all the way up to eleven out of ten! BarkBuddy is an app for iOS that makes it super easy to view all of the pups, pooches, mutts, and dogs of all breeds available for adoption in your area.

Whether intentionally abandoned, or simply born outside of a home, a sadly large number of dogs end up in shelters, most without any hope of seeing the outside. While many potential new owners would consider visiting a shelter to look for their new family member, in practice, making the trip in the hope of finding a match may leave a bit too much to chance for most people.

By bringing the shelters directly to prospective owners, BarkBuddy can cut out the uncertainty, and really make a difference! Using a swipe-left / swipe-right interface — which you may recognize from certain other popular apps :) — BarkBuddy presents beautiful, high-resolution photos of potential pooches currently up for adoption. You can quickly view these pictures, and then choose whether to ‘like’ or ‘pass’ on each pup. If you discover your perfect tail-wagger, you can get in touch with the shelter directly through the app. Frictionless pup adoption!

Hands down, not only is this app a fantastic, modern solution to a centuries-old problem, it also has the potential to bring a great deal of happiness to new owners and, most importantly, to the dogs. All of us at Realm are both thrilled and humbled that our technology helped the developers make an app of this calibre, and we wish them all the best!


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