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Best Practices "How to Build An App" Realm Guide

We recently finished a guide on how to build an app with Realm sync. We believe that this guide will serve as an invaluable resource for all of our companies and developers who are looking to release a reliable and scalable production application, whether they are running in Realm Cloud or self-hosting.

The guide can be found within our sync documentation. The document covers important topics such as

•	Important terminology
•	Factors to consider when choosing which type of synchronization model is correct for your application
•	User authentication and management
•	Client design decisions
•	Permissions
•	Considerations when hosting your own Realm Object Server
•	Details specific to adapter, event Handler, and GraphQL service

A great deal of experience has gone into the production of this document, and the guide will continue to be updated over time. We believe that this is a must-read guide for Realm developers and enterprises as it covers a great deal of best practices and design decisions. Please give the document a read through and send any feedback to us at [email protected]

Ian Ward

Ian is a Solutions Engineer at Realm, where he helps clients integrate the Realm Platform into their mobile app architectures. He has a strong background in solution design and entrepreneurship, having previously been one of the first field engineers at start-ups Meraki and Mesosphere.

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