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Enterprise Leader, CI&T, Leverages Realm to Expand Their Clients’ Feature Portfolio

Developers are usually happiest when they get to choose the app technologies they use on their projects. This is not always the case within a company. Often clients dictate the technology their agency uses and sometimes the agency gets to select or recommend technology choices to the client. At CI&T, a global digital solutions partner headquartered in New York with offices around the globe, developers have had the freedom to make these choices and implement their preferred technologies to solve their clients’ challenges.

CI&T has been the leader in lean digital transformation and high quality execution and helps fuel innovation within large enterprises. They have an impressive portfolio of clients, including Coca-Cola, Google, Johnson & Johnson and many more. And they employ over 2,500 digital business experts and engineers in 5 continents!

Their team in Brazil has been a long-time advocate of Realm and had the opportunity to propose using Realm Mobile Database in a recent project with a large Brazilian financial institution. The client closely monitors consumption and processing cost, so when CI&T proposed a new feature they got in touch with the mainframe team to run some tests. The results were heavily increased processing costs that would make the release of the new feature unfeasible. But the turning point was when CI&T’s development team noticed through proof of concept that using Realm as a caching layer would drastically reduce mainframe processing costs. The client approved the use of Realm as long as the proprietary framework encapsulated and managed all data access.

“Now that we have Realm set up, it is so much easier for us to explore new features and propose new use cases for our client’s applications.” Rafael Lobato, Systems Architect, CI&T

Once the client saw success using Realm as the caching mechanism, it became easier for CI&T to suggest other new features. The client is now using Realm on their flagship app.

“Our team is responsible for overall app strategy and guidance for new projects. We make suggestions on which frameworks the team uses and Core Data is not one of them.” Salmo Roberto da Silva Junior, iOS Developer, CI&T

What’s Next

The CI&T team is looking forward to trying out the Realm Mobile Platform, particularly the two‑way data sync and real-time collaboration features. Using Realm as the synchronization platform would open up endless opportunities on the feature front for their clients.

They are also planning to develop some documentation, examples and internal repos to show the broader CI&T team how Realm works and how they could quickly incorporate it into other client apps.

More about CI&T

CI&T, the digital technology solutions partner for the world’s biggest companies, is a pioneer at delivering speed-at-scale through the application of design thinking, lean methodologies and advanced tech, including Machine Learning/AI, Advanced Analytics, Cloud and Mobility. For over 20 years, CI&T has been a trusted partner for the most complex global engagements inside companies including Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson, AB-InBev, and Motorola. With over 2,500 digital business strategists, designers and engineers in the USA, Brazil, UK, Australia, Japan and China, CI&T is big enough to scale to the needs of Fortune 100 clients yet agile enough to achieve the speed-to-market today’s customers demand. For more information, visit

Realm Team

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