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Realm Java 0.71

You asked for it. Now you got it!

Version 0.71.0 of Realm for Java fixes an important issue first reported on GitHub: Maven support.

We simplified the release structure, and now produce a single Jar file containing both the Realm runtime and the annotation processor.

This has a couple of positive effects:

  • It’s now possible to use Realm with Eclipse ADT: simply put the Jar file in the libs folder and you’re done!
  • We can now more easily distribute Realm in a Maven repository: we chose JCenter, since it is a superset of Maven Central and is the default repository in recent version of Android Studio.

This means that you can now simply add the dependency in build.gradle like this:

compile 'io.realm:realm-android:0.71.0'

It is now also possible to index String fields of your model classes. You can do this by simply adding the @Index annotation to your field. This will make inserts slower and realm files bigger, but it will speed-up queries using such fields.

Of course we also fixed several bugs and made other small improvements. For details please check out our changelog.

Enjoy this release of Realm and please keep the feedback coming on the mailing list.

We appreciate your help in making Realm better. Cheers!

Realm Team

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