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Realm Java 0.73

We just released a Realm Java update to this website and to Maven. It includes bug fixes, refactoring, and a new adapter class.

Notification system

The notification system has been rewritten, and it is now much more reliable. The API has not been changed.


When an instance of a Realm is changed on one thread, other instances on other threads are updated (refreshed) automatically. The auto-refresh can be enabled or disabled using the setter setAutoFresh(). You can also refresh your local instance of the Realm manually with the refresh() method.

JNI bug

A few users had been hit by a bug in the JNI layer of Realm. The memory leak has been identified and fixed.

New delete method

A new method called removeFromRealm() has been added to the RealmObject class to delete objects from a Realm.


RealmBaseAdaper is a new class, and it can be used to implement base adapters in your apps. An example app on how to use it has been included in the zip release, in the GitHub repository and it is shortly outlined in the documentation.


As usual your feedback is very important to us! Keep it coming and help Realm get better and better with each release! Please let us know what you need on GitHub or realm-java.

Realm Team

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