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Realm Java 0.74

We just released a Realm Java update to this website and to Maven. Now with more naming conventions in model classes, case sensitive string search and warnings if Realm objects are moved across threads.

Incidentally moving RealmObjects between threads is now detected

Although it’s documented that you can’t move Realm objects between threads, Realm now detects this and throws a RealmException. This will prevent using Realm in a way that could cause data inconsistency as well as making debugging easier.

Field names / Static fields

Realm now support static fields in model classes as well as more naming conventions for fields. This means that field names like mBool and isBool now generate the expected getters and setters.

All string comparison methods now have the option to specify if search should be case sensitive. See equalTo() and notEqualTo(). Case sensitive searches will only work for 8 bit ASCII subset of letters.

Bug fixes

UTF-8 handling has been fixed so querying Realm objects should now work properly across all languages. Also fixed a bug where finding max. date would return the minimum date instead. Cancelling an empty transaction now works correctly.


Full changelog can be found here:


As usual your feedback is very important to us! Keep it coming and help Realm get better and better with each release! Please let us know what you need on GitHub or realm-java.

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