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Realm Java 0.78

We just pushed a Realm Java update to this website and to JCenter. This week another highly requested feature reached maturity and is now available to you all.


Encryption is now a first class citizen in the Realm. There’s no more need to compile Realm from source and to include a custom version of the core library. Now everything just works out of the box.

To create an encrypted Realm you will need a 64 bytes long key. How to securely store such key is well beyond the scope of this blog post, but we included a detailed example in our repo and in the distribution file.

On top of that now you can also copy Realm files in any possible combination:

  • unencrypted to unencrypted
  • unencrypted to encrypted
  • encrypted to encrypted
  • encrypted to unencrypted

For more informations please consult our docs for Realm.writeCopyTo() and Realm.writeEncryptedCopyTo().


In no particular order:

  • Realm no longer incorrectly warns that an instance has been closed too many times.
  • Realm now shows a log warning if an instance is being finalized without being closed.
  • Fixed bug causing Realms to be cached during a RealmMigration resulting in invalid realms being returned from Realm.getInstance().
  • Fixed a crash when multiple write transactions with no changes followed by a write transaction with changes were committed without the main thread Realm getting a chance to refresh.

Go Ahead and Code!

We can’t wait to see what you will be able to develop using our recently added features! Keep the feedback coming! As always, we’re around on the mailing list, Stack Overflow, GitHub, and Twitter.

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