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Realm Everywhere, with JavaScript: Universal Node.js Support

JavaScript is probably the hardest working programming language in the world these days, and at Realm, we’re big fans. We love it because it fits great with Realm’s reactive architecture, and because JavaScript is virtually omnipresent. We’ve made it a key part of our platform, so that any developer with JS skills can use Realm. We started by shipping support for the Realm Mobile Database to React Native, and then we brought Realm to Node.js on Linux and macOS, which helps power the Realm Mobile Platform. And today we’re happy to announce Node.js support for Windows, meaning that you can use Realm wherever you can run JavaScript.

Realm now supports not only React Native, but also Node.js on Windows, Linux and macOS. Just like with Realm on mobile, you get all the advantages of the Realm Mobile Database — enabling you to easily and performantly persist any data you need to build your app. We’re also hard at work building support for the Realm Mobile Platform on Win32, so that you’ll be able to sync data with ease and build exciting real-time, collaborative apps using JavaScript.

Realm isn’t just easier to use. It also pairs with JavaScript’s advantages to enable better app experiences. Realm’s reactive principles mean data is automatically refreshed as it changes, making it fit beautifully in an event-driven architecture. It’s also cross-platform, so that you can take advantage of JavaScript’s enormous reach in order to deliver apps to your customers, no matter what devices they use. And finally, our universal support for Node.js means you can even use it for server-side use cases — like using Realm and Node.js to do interprocess communication on a webserver.

We’re making it easier to build the coolest, newest, best apps, on every platform, on any device. Today, we’ve taken another big leap in our journey to being a truly universal data platform, and we can’t wait to see what you build with it. Jump into the Realm JS documentation to get started with the Realm Mobile Database.

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