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Realm Objective‑C & Swift 0.103 – Dropping Support For Older Versions, Plus Improvements

We’re releasing version 0.103 of Realm Objective‑C and Realm Swift today, with a few minor breaking changes and improvements. Read on for more information.

Breaking Changes

  • All functionality deprecated in previous releases has been removed entirely.
  • Support for Xcode prior to 7.3 & Swift prior to 2.2 has been completely removed.
  • RLMResults/Results now become empty when a RLMArray/List or object they depend on is deleted, rather than throwing an exception when accessed.
  • Migrations are no longer run when deleteRealmIfMigrationNeeded is set, recreating the file instead.


  • Added invalidated properties to RLMResults/Results, RLMLinkingObjects/LinkingObjects, RealmCollectionType and AnyRealmCollection. These properties report whether the Realm the object is associated with has been invalidated.
  • Some NSErrors created by Realm now have more descriptive user info payloads.

Thanks for reading. Now go forth and build amazing apps with Realm! As always, we’re around on Stack Overflow, GitHub, or Twitter.

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