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Realm React Native 0.11.0

First off, a word of thanks for the warm reception you all gave to our newest product. Hundreds of you are already using Realm in React Native apps, and the community is growing every week. Thanks to your feedback, we were able to release version 0.11.0 of Realm React Native. We fixed a ton of bugs since our initial release, added support for indexed fields and encryption, and you can now install Realm with just one line in your terminal!

Easier setup and installation

Realm React Native is now packaged as a static library for iOS and can be setup completely from the command line using rnpm. To use the new version after updating your package.json:

  • Remove the reference to RealmJS.xcodeproj from your Xcode project (under the Libraries group)
  • Make sure rnpm is installed and up-to-date: npm install -g rnpm
  • Run rnpm link realm from your app’s root directory

Major additions

  • Support for encrypted Realms
  • List and Results are now iterable (e.g. supports for...of loops)
  • Common iteration and other methods from Array have been added to Results and List
  • Case insensitive queries are supported by adding [c] after operators
  • Support for indexed bool, string, and int properties
  • Added Realm.schemaVersion method, to check whether unopened Realms should be migrated

Major bugfixes

  • Fix for crash on Android when initializing the Realm module
  • Fix for using Chrome debug mode from a device

For the full details, check our the full release notes.

Thanks for reading. Now go forth and build amazing apps with Realm! As always, we’re around on Stack Overflow, GitHub, or Twitter.

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