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Realm support for Xcode 7, Swift 2.0, watchOS, & Bitcode

Just a quick update to let y’all know that Realm has been hard at work supporting the latest & greatest from Apple for a little while now, but we’ve been too busy to update our docs (d’oh!). Here’s the rundown.

Xcode 7

Realm Objective-C has supported Xcode 7 all along. You may see a few (harmless) warnings, but our upcoming 0.94 release should remove those.

Swift 2.0

Realm Swift supports Swift 2.0, but this feature has to be enabled manually until Apple officially releases this new iteration of the language. We have full details on how to do this, from source or via CocoaPods, in our docs.

(It’s worth noting that Realm Objective-C also supports bridging from Swift 2.0 if you want!)

We’ll continue to support the latest stable version of Swift (1.2) alongside the new Swift 2.0.

watchOS 2

Although Realm has supported WatchKit extensions for a while now, watchOS 2 native support requires adding a new architecture slice to our binaries: armv7k. Pull Request (#2139) adds this new slice, which we’ll be releasing soon… Stay tuned!


Realm does not currently ship support for bitcode, but this shouldn’t block your development at the moment. Apple only requires bitcode support for your app and its frameworks to submit watchOS 2 apps to the App Store, which is not expected to be allowed until September. Be assured that we will ship bitcode support well ahead of that. You can follow issue #2137 for updates.

Updated July 3, 2015: an earlier version of this post incorrectly claimed that Realm supported running natively on watchOS 2 already, ignoring the missing armv7k support. We regret the error.

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