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The Platform Experience: Announcing Realm World Tour

It’s time for us to hit the road! We just shipped Realm Mobile Platform 1.0, so now we’re sending our top product engineers out to events in 20+ cities across three continents, to bring the Realm platform to you live and in realtime ;-) It’s the first-ever Realm World Tour, and we’re excited to get the chance to meet you, to help you get started with Realm, and to hear about what you are working on!

We’ve reached out to leaders of the developer communities at each city, and with their help as local hosts, have planned a great evening for attendees. Each event includes an introduction to the free Developer Edition plus discussion of some of the advanced features, followed by sample code, practical demos, and extensive technical Q&A session — all led by a Realm product engineer. There will also be plenty of time to talk one-to-one, to share best practices, and to learn from each other. And, we’ll have some special attendees-only swag to give out – we’re keeping the design a secret until the tour kick-off in our HQ in San Francisco on February 15!

The Realm World Tour events are free, but space is limited — check out the official web page for the latest info and chance to register.

Marin Todorov

Marin Todorov is an independent iOS consultant and publisher. He’s co-author on the book “RxSwift: Reactive programming with Swift” the author of “iOS Animations by Tutorials”. He’s part of Realm and Besides crafting code, Marin also enjoys blogging, writing books, teaching, and speaking. He sometimes open sources his code. He walked the way to Santiago.

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