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Realm World Tour: That’s a Wrap Time for Round Two!

The first leg of the Realm World Tour just wrapped up, and thanks to the tremendous energy of everyone in the Realm community who participated, it was amazing…check out the highlights!

We put in thousands of miles, visiting 23 different cities over the course of 2 months, meeting thousands of you face to face, and getting you started building apps with the Realm Platform. We laughed, we ate pizza, we tested code, we played games, and best of all we got to hear from you about what you are doing with Realm! We had so much fun, we’ve already started to thinking about what’s next (see below).


We couldn’t have done any of this without the help of our fantastic world tour hosts who opened up their offices, event spaces, and restaurant recommendations to us! A big thanks to all the local companies, hosts, and meetups for helping us make the tour happen!


A few special shout-outs to:

  • Q42 in Amsterdam for the most amusing host space, which includes a slide that tweets a video of you.
  • Paris hosted by Deezer for the fastest Realm Pop player, who won live on stage with a time of 1.4 seconds!
  • Dallas hosted by BottleRocket for coolest Star Wars memorabilia! ;)
  • Chicago hosted by Trunk Club for having the most awesome office space, and delicious beers on tap!

Announcing the next leg of the Realm World Tour

Bringing the Realm Platform message to 23 cities was so much fun, we want to bring it to a few more. So we’ve started to plan the next leg of the Tour, and we need your help: If you’d like us to come your way, tweet us @Realm with hashtag #RealmWorldTour and hashtag of your city (e.g., #SanFrancisco). Then get the rest of the devs in your city who want to attend Realm Tour to do the same. We definitely want to prioritize the cities where we know we’ll get a great turnout.

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