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Realm World Tour Wraps for 2017 – See You Next Year!

The Realm Platform Experience

2017 brought not one but two major platform updates. We kicked off the year with 1.0 release and went on tour visiting 40 cities across the globe just in time to launch Realm Platform 2.0.


40 Cities
11 Realm Speakers
2000+ Attendees


In case you missed us in a city near you, you can watch the replay!

Eric Maxwell provides a thorough introduction to the Realm Platform complete with code samples in Swift, Java and JavaScript as well as a live demonstration using the platform to build a 2-player realtime game, Realm Pop. This particular recording from our stop in NYC at iOSoho has a great technical Q&A throughout the presentation. If you’ve wondered how Realm might integrate with your backend systems, how it handles conflict resolution, or some key feature differences between our Developer, Professional, and Enterprise editions of the platform, you’ll definitely want to watch this one!


We’re gearing up for our 2018 Realm World Tour! Want us to come to your city? Tweet @Realm with hashtag #Realmworldtour and #cityname. Stay tuned to Realm tour news for our 2018 tour dates!

Realm Team

At Realm, our mission is to help developers build better apps faster. We provide a unique set of tools and platform technologies designed to make it easy for developers to build apps with sophisticated, powerful features — things like realtime collaboration, augmented reality, live data synchronization, offline experiences, messaging, and more.

Everything we build is developed with an eye toward enabling developers for what we believe the mobile internet evolves into — an open network of billions of users and trillions of devices, and realtime interactivity across them all.

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