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Realm Xamarin 0.75.0 released

We’ve released version 0.75.0 of Realm Xamarin. This is the first release after the launch, introducing some essential features and fixes. NuGet should already be telling you that the update is available in existing projects and new projects that you add it to will use the new version out of the box.

Breaking Changes

  • File format of Realm files is changed. Files will be automatically upgraded but opening a Realm file with older versions of Realm is not possible. NOTE: If you were using the Realm Browser specified for the old format you need to upgrade. Pick up the newest version here.
  • RealmResults<T> no longer implicitly implements INotifyCollectionChanged. Use the new ToNotifyCollectionChanged method instead.

Major Changes

  • RealmResults<T> can be observed for granular changes via the new SubscribeForNotifications method.
  • Realm gained the WriteAsync method which allows a write transaction to be executed on a background thread.
  • Realm models can now use byte[] properties to store binary data.
  • RealmResults<T> received a new ToNotifyCollectionChanged extension method which produces an ObservableCollection<T>-like wrapper suitable for MVVM data binding.

Minor Fixes

  • Nullable DateTimeOffset properties are supported now.
  • Setting null to a string property will now correctly return null
  • Failure to install Fody will now cause an exception like “Realms.RealmException: Fody not properly installed. RDB2_with_full_Realm.Dog is a RealmObject but has not been woven.” instead of a NullReferenceException
  • The PCL RealmConfiguration was missing some members.
  • The Fody weaver is now discoverable at non-default NuGet repository paths.

Thanks for reading. Now go forth and build amazing apps with Realm! As always, we’re around on Stack Overflow, GitHub, or Twitter.

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