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Samuel E. Giddins & Marius Rackwitz join Realm

We’re starting 2015 right by expanding our 16-person team with 2 additions: Samuel E. Giddins & Marius Rackwitz. Both of them happen to be amazingly talented Cocoa developers, members of Core team for CocoaPods, and we can’t wait to show you what they are working on…

Samuel E. Giddins

Samuel’s a bona fide badass. He’s a core committer to CocoaPods, a maintainer of RestKit, and a Stripe Open-Source retreat grantee. See – what did we tell you?

Realm’s lucky to have Samuel while he’s on leave from the University of Chicago, where he’s triple majoring in Mathematics, Economics, and Computer Science (See above: Badass).

Follow Sam on Twitter and GitHub, or drop him an old fashioned email.

Marius Rackwitz

We don’t want to toot Marius’ horn too loudly, but he’s a core committer to CocoaPods — In fact, he’s the guy behind the just released Framework & Swift support to CocoaPods.

He’s also presenting at dotSwift in Paris next month (along with Realm’s resident Canadian & Scotch expert, JP).

Follow Marius on Twitter and GitHub, or drop him an old fashioned email.

We’re hiring!

Welcome to the Realm, Samuel & Marius!

If you’d like to work with Sam, Marius & the rest of us, take a look at our jobs page, or drop Tim a line.

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