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Tim Oliver joins Realm

We’re happy to announce that Tim Oliver has joined Realm and will be helping us from Perth, Western Australia!

Tim Oliver

Tim is an iOS developer and creator of the beloved iComics app. If you remember, he gave one of the earliest and definitely most passionate talk about Realm a little while ago, and we’re excited to have him on board.

Tim will be helping us build the Cocoa bits of Realm, prepare videos & other content, speak at events in the region, and help us extend our famously responsive developer lifeline to even more timezones! As it so happens, he has worked with Katsumi in the past so maybe we can look forward to some pair-programmed Realm UI components from them soon. ;)

Follow Tim on Twitter and GitHub, or drop him an old fashioned email.

We’re hiring!

Welcome to the Realm, Tim!

If you’d like to work with Tim & the rest of us, take a look at our jobs page, or drop Tim Anglade a line.

Realm Team

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Everything we build is developed with an eye toward enabling developers for what we believe the mobile internet evolves into — an open network of billions of users and trillions of devices, and realtime interactivity across them all.

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