Realm ♥ React Native

Realm 心系全球开发者,我们时刻关注各大技术论坛、会议及博客以了解 React Native 开发的最新趋势,使 Realm 始终走在技术最前沿。跟我们一起来了解这些技术动态吧。



Tackrabbit ♥ Realm

Tackrabbit ♥ Realm

When TaskRabbit rewrote their tasker app in React Native, they turned to Realm, and we were thrilled to work with them during our beta period. Realm React Native is the first database that's truly designed for the framework, and it helped TaskRabbit build a dependable cross-platform app.

Realm Report Q4 2017

The Realm Report covers the latest mobile app dev trends and activity patterns, including language usage and new technology adoption (Kotlin, iOS 11, Android Oreo).

Realm 移动端数据库,SQLite 和 Core Data 的替代者。


分分钟了解如何在 app 中保存数据

看看 Realm 如何提高应用开发效率。