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Realm is built for developers around the world, by a team that cares about its users. We keep our products on the cutting edge by staying involved with conferences, meetups, forums & blogs about the newest trends in Xamarin development. See how our products can help you with your apps, or learn what we’re learning!

Xamarin Coverage

Xamarin Coverage

"The new Realm was made specifically for Xamarin, too — no fussy workarounds. The Realm team also had direct insight from Xamarin on best practices for structuring APIs and taking advantage of the C# programming language."

– Nate Swanner, Editor @ The Next Web

Realm Report Q4 2017

The Realm Report covers the latest mobile app dev trends and activity patterns, including language usage and new technology adoption (Kotlin, iOS 11, Android Oreo).



Realm 移动端数据库,SQLite 和 Core Data 的替代者。


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