Installing the Realm Mobile Platform

The Realm Object Server is available for RedHat/CentOS and Ubuntu Linux, as well as on Amazon EC2. In addition, you can install a macOS Object Server “bundle” that comes with RealmTasks, a pre-built demo application. While you’ll likely want to use self-hosted Linux or a cloud deployment in production, the macOS bundle is a great way to quickly learn about what the Realm Mobile Platform can do.

The Realm Mobile Database is available for Android (Java), iOS (Objective-C and Swift), Xamarin, React Native, and Node.js. Note: The Realm Mobile Database JavaScript library will not work in a web browser.

Note: If you download the macOS bundle above, it comes with the Swift and Objective-C Realm Mobile Database bindings.

Professional and Enterprise Editions: These editions of the Realm Mobile Platform provide a Node.js-based API to access and change Realms with server-side code, making it easy to integrate existing back end systems and web applications. In addition, they offer event handling capability (through the Node.js API), high availability and load balancing features, and full phone and email support from Realm engineers. Learn more about them and start a free trial.