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Bringing offline-first capabilities to a field data app

Cartasite built an offline-first app for heavy industries that seamlessly syncs field data with backend systems. Read more

  • Industry: Services, High Tech
  • Solutions: Offline First, IoT
  • Products: Realm Mobile Platform

Realtime sync helps teachers and parents collaborate

Thread Learning uses Realm Mobile Platform to help special education teams coordinate care by syncing data in real-time across multiple devices. Read more

  • Industry: Education, High Tech
  • Solutions: Realtime Sync, Offline First
  • Products: Realm Mobile Platform

Responsive offline experience for IoT golf app

Arccos Golf was able to build a fast, responsive app experience with both online and offline availability while shrinking their code base by 35%. Read more

  • Industry: Sports, High Tech
  • Solutions: Realtime Sync, Offline First, IoT
  • Products: Realm Mobile Database

Realtime features help artists engage with fans

Integral Studio uses Realm Mobile Platform to build innovative, reactive apps that brings musicians and their fans closer together. Read more

  • Industry: Entertainment, Services, Agency
  • Solutions: Realtime Sync
  • Products: Realm Mobile Platform

Enterprise agency expands their clients’ feature portfolio

CI&T, a digital solutions partner, worked with one of the largest Brazilian financial institutions to integrate Realm as their caching mechanism drastically reduce mainframe processing costs. Read more

  • Industry: Services, Agency
  • Solutions: Caching
  • Products: Realm Mobile Database

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