Realm Xamarin  v0.75.0
Realm for Xamarin
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 CRealmA Realm instance (also referred to as a realm) represents a Realm database.
 CRealmConfigurationRealm configuration specifying settings that affect your Realm behaviour.
 CRealmExceptionBase for Realm specific exceptions. Use only for catching.
 CRealmFileAccessErrorExceptionBase for catching exceptions with Realm files, typically problems from which an app would recover.
 CRealmFileExistsExceptionException thrown when a file exists with the same name as you to create a new one.
 CRealmFileNotFoundExceptionException thrown when a file doesn't exist when trying to open without a create option.
 CRealmInvalidDatabaseExceptionException thrown when a file exists but doesn't appear to be a Realm database, may indicate corruption.
 CRealmListUsed to declare to-many relationships and as the return type when you access such a relationship.
 CRealmMigrationNeededExceptionException when you can't open an existing realm file because the format differs from your current class declarations.
 CRealmObjectBase for any object that can be persisted in a Realm.
 CRealmObjectAlreadyManagedByRealmExceptionException thrown when you're trying to use Manage but the object has already been added to this Realm.
 CRealmObjectManagedByAnotherRealmExceptionException thrown when you're trying to use Manage but the object is already managed by a different Realm.
 CRealmOutOfMemoryExceptionException when Realm's run out of memory, shut down your application rather than trying to continue.
 CRealmOutsideTransactionExceptionException when you try to Add, update or Remove a persisted object without a write transaction active.
 CRealmPermissionDeniedExceptionException when you can't open an existing realm file, or create a new one.
 CRealmResultsIterable, sortable collection of one kind of RealmObject resulting from Realm.All() or from a LINQ query expression.
 CChangeSetA ChangeSet describes the changes inside a RealmResults<T> since the last time the notification callback was invoked.
 CTransactionProvides a scope to safely read and write to a Realm. Must use explicitly via Realm.BeginWrite.