Installing the Realm Platform

The Realm Platform is a combination of the Realm Object Server and client SDKs that together synchronizes Realms. The Realm Object Server runs on any modern x64 platform that can support Node.js including:

  • Linux: RedHat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, Ubuntu 16.04 or higher
  • MacOS: 10.12/Sierra or higher
  • Windows: coming soon!

The easiest way to get started is to follow one of our guides. The developer edition guide will walk you through settings up your first project and syncing data. The enterprise edition will guide you through exploring the server’s automatic failover and load balancing.

Professional and Enterprise Editions: These editions of the Realm Platform provide a Node.js-based API to access and change Realms with server-side code, making it easy to integrate existing back end systems and web applications. In addition, they offer event handling capability (through the Node.js API), high availability and load balancing features, and full phone and email support from Realm engineers. Learn more about them and start a free trial.