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Interface GraphQLServiceSettings

Settings to control the GraphQLService behavior.


  • GraphQLServiceSettings



Optional disableAuthentication

disableAuthentication: boolean

Disables authentication for graphql endpoints. This may be useful when you are developing the app and want a more relaxed exploring experience. If you're using studio to explore the graphql API and responses, it will handle authentication for you, so there's no need to disable it.

Optional disableExplorer

disableExplorer: boolean

Disables the grahpiql explorer endpoint (/grahpql/explore).

Optional forceExplorerSSL

forceExplorerSSL: boolean

Controls whether the explorer websocket connections will be made over SSL or not. If not set, the service will try to infer the correct value from the request protocol, but in some cases, a load balancer may terminate https traffic, leading to incorrect websocket protocol being used.

Optional includeCountInResponses

includeCountInResponses: boolean

Controls whether the total count of the objects matched by the query will be returned as a property in the query and subscription responses. Default is false.

Optional realmCacheMaxAge

realmCacheMaxAge: number

The number in milliseconds which a Realm will be kept open after a request has completed. Higher values mean that more Realms will be kept in the cache, drastically improving the response times of requests hitting "warm" Realms. This, however, comes at the cost of increased memory usage. If a negative value is provided, the realms will never be evicted from the cache. Default is 120000 (2 minutes).

Optional schemaCacheSettings

schemaCacheSettings: SchemaCacheSettings | "NoCache"

Settings controlling the schema caching strategy. If set to 'NoCache', Realm schemas will not be cached and instead generated on every request. This is useful while developing and schemas may change frequently, but drastically reduces performance. If not set, or set to a SchemaCacheSettings instance, schemas will be cached.