Saving Lives with iBeacons

You’ve probably heard of iBeacons, but have you seen them up close or developed apps for them? iBeacon technology is a fun and easy way to start working with Bluetooth Low Energy devices. Cloud City Development has been working with Pop Up Labs at MIT to help develop a solution for educating health professionals about the Maker Movement and how it positively affects the medical community. With the help of iBeacons, health professionals have learned how to start creating their own devices and tools!

In this talk from AltConf 2016, Evan will introduce you to iBeacons, show you examples of how to interact with them in an iOS app, and demonstrate how iBeacons were implemented in a Medical Maker Kit. By helping medical staff learn about the items in the kit, they are able to get creative, build new projects, and ultimately save lives! This talk will give you a glimpse of what can be accomplished with iBeacons and will encourage you to think of new ways in which Bluetooth Low Energy devices like iBeacons can be used to design and develop creative solutions that enhance the experience of life!

Evan Stone

Evan Stone

Evan is a Lead iOS Developer at Cloud City Development, a San Francisco-based, full-service design and software consultancy specializing in web and mobile apps. Evan has been developing exclusively on the iOS platform since 2011, and has most recently been developing solutions for groups like MIT’s Pop Up Labs to interface hardware devices with iOS apps developed in Swift and Objective-C. He enjoys living in beautiful Sonoma County, California with his wife and daughter and dreams of having a vacation home in Portugal.

Edited by Billy Leet