Realm Mobile Platform

A flexible platform for creating offline-first, reactive mobile apps effortlessly.

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The perfect backend for the next generation of reactive mobile apps

The perfect backend for the next generation of reactive mobile apps

The Realm Mobile Platform delivers automatic and seamless realtime data sync and powerful event handling between server and devices. You never need to think about networking code again.

The Realm Mobile Database is cross-platform, supporting both iOS and Android, and the Realm Object Server is ready to run on your servers or on your favorite cloud.

How it works

The Realm Mobile Platform combines the new Realm Object Server with our popular Realm Mobile Database.

Realm Sync Engine

Automatic two-way data synchronization and conflict resolution.

Realm Object Store

Persist and manage data as objects mirrored on mobile devices.


Monitor and manage your entire system at a glance.

Realm Event Framework

Trigger server-side events in response to data changes.

Realm Authentication System

Identify users with prebuilt mechanisms, or use your own.

Realm Access Control

Grant users the permissions they need for reading and writing data.

Realm Mobile Database

Embedded object database for mobile apps. Realm Mobile Platform extensions allow synchronization of live objects with Realm Object Server.

Sync available for: Realm Java, Realm Objective‑C, Realm Swift, Realm JavaScript, and Realm Xamarin.

What you can build

Realtime collaboration

Realtime collaboration

Create realtime collaboration experiences, similar to Google Docs.

Two-way data sync

Two-way data sync

Realtime data synchronization with automatic conflict resolution.

Data push

Data push

Update client databases effortlessly with automated data push.



Share text, images, maps, or custom data. No server work needed.

API bridge

API bridge

Easily connect your mobile apps to existing systems and APIs.



Know when users are online and track state.

Offline first

Data is stored locally in the Realm Mobile Database, which means that each device can fully function when offline, then re-sync when the network comes back. The Realm Mobile Platform handles the complexities of network state and conflict management, so you never have to worry about server errors, JSON decoding, or conflict resolution. Learn more about Realm and offline-first development.

On-premises or public cloud

Realm Object Server can be deployed on-premises or in the public cloud (like AWS, Azure, and other popular options). Integrate existing infrastructure with Realm Object Server to connect current and legacy systems to your mobile apps. Learn more about how Realm can help you integrate and mobilize your legacy systems.

Build reactive apps

Realm objects are always live, which means that they always have the latest data. Subscribe to notifications to get updates when data changes, then update your UI. Your app will never be out of date again. Learn more about building a reactive app with Realm.

Realm Mobile Platform Overview

Learn how the Realm Mobile Platform can help you build better apps faster.

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