Realm Kotlin

Fast, powerful data storage for Kotlin and KMM apps

Realm Kotlin makes persisting, querying, and syncing data as simple as working with objects in your data model, with idiomatic APIs that integrate directly with Coroutines and Flows.

Why use Realm Kotlin?


Fast, lightweight, and scalable

Realm’s integration with Flows automatically updates your views for you. The rich, expressive, and powerful query engine makes creating production-grade apps a breeze.


Save time with intuitive objects and KMM integration

No need for SQL, nor an ORM – working with your data is just like working with Kotlin-native objects. Realm is also compatible with Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile so you can build apps for mobile, web, desktop, and embedded devices from a single codebase.


Built-in mobile to cloud sync

Real-time mobile to cloud data sync makes it easy to build interactive features that keep data up-to-date across multiple devices, users, and the backend.

What does storing and querying data in Realm look like?

Work with intuitive APIs

Idiomatic APIs and powerful queries help you get to market faster with less code.

Enjoy automatic updates with Flows integration

Realm’s integration with Flows automatically updates your views for you. Frozen objects decouple Realm data models from your UI.

Apps built with Realm Kotlin

Many applications use Realm Kotlin – learn how Realm helps teams build better apps, faster.

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Deploy Realm in minutes

Deploy an iOS, Android, or cross-platform “To Do” app with real-time sync in minutes.

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